Beringer Vineyards Wine Tours
02 February, 2016
Nestled in the Napa Valley community of St Helena is the one of a kind and truly spectacular Beringer Vineyards. Continually operating since 1875, Beringer Vineyards has earned the unique distinction of being the “oldest continually operating winery in the Napa Valley”. This accomplishment allows Beringer Vineyards to offer all who visit a unique blend of rich wine country history alongside its fantastic hand crafted wines. Our wine tasting tour can bring you to the first California...
Chimney Rock Winery
15 October, 2015
The Chimney Rock Estate truly is a gorgeous site – white and in the foreground of Napa's incomparable rolling hills, surrounded by acres of vineyards Chimney Rock Winery really is an amazing estate to be seen and experienced. Since the 1980s this estate has been producing it's signature Cabernet Sauvignon combined with smaller runs of other vintage, yet no less delicious wine varieties. Chimney Rock Winery wine tours bring you into the heart of a winery that combines the finesse of a Napa...
Bravante Vineyards Wine Tasting Tour
28 August, 2015
Above the Napa Valley is the esteemed and beautiful Howell Mountain – a Napa Valley viniculture region that is known for producing exquisite wine grapes. George and Nancy Bravante were well aware of this fact in the 1990s when they founded and opened Bravante Vineyards in the Howell Mountain sub appellation. The combination of vineyards at high elevation and the sympathetic Napa Valley soil make the two on site vineyards, Black Oak and Stone Ridge, some of the regions finest. A Bravante Vi...
Peju Province Winery
21 July, 2015
In the heart of the Napa Valley is Rutherford, California. There is a winery there, that stands out from the rest as an embodiment of the spirit and vinicultural commitment of the Napa Valley. This winery is the Peju Province Winery. On your Peju Province Winery Wine Tasting Tour you will experience everything this winery has to offer. The Peju Province Winery began when Tony Peju purchased 30 acres on the Rutherford Estate in the Napa Valley in 1984. While beginning the operation largely sellin...
The Hess Collection Winery in Napa Valley
21 July, 2015
Here at Apex Transportation we believe in connecting our clients with wonderful wineries in the Napa Valley. The Hess Collection Winery in the Napa Valley is committed not only to producing high quality wines but deeply respects the art of wine making and the time held traditions of the craft. On your Hess Collection Winery Tasting Tour you will experience just exactly how the estate utilizes the diverse climates of the Napa Valley. By sourcing its grapes from vineyards throughout the region, Th...
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